In my oppinion management and branding is in close realation to each other.

Both in direct contact and through digital media.


I started Ballerina Training (TM) 2011 for you, me and everybody longing for that special feeling of control, security, privacy and strong expression.

Then when I saw the results of the work with our clients I explored and developed introduced trainingprograms made for employees and education for marketing industries and manegemets department.


It´s for doing something good, it´s for making a difference and a powerful statement: We should be strong in our everyday lives. 

Since I started, hundreds of clients have been taking classes for me and my colleagues. It´s not a secret that ballet have a surtain dicipline and control that could gain us in so many other ways. The female touch of the name is given because for me and a tremendolsy amount of people the word "ballerina" is a symbol for what we stand for. In other words:  Strong mind, controlled body, balance, proffesion, limits, improvements, history and personal carrier of a strong brand.

We work to bring out the natural elegance in you and a conscious way to make the first, second and third impression. We make your employees feel how important they are for the company.

I believe that we have the power to be strong, we believe that in 2020 we will have to be able to draw sustainable lines and make your limit and misson clear.

If you are more common with the way of Lean -thinking, then you will meet a lot of simularities.


I hope to meet you and your company and introduce what we can do for you, your brand and your employees.


"so you can share a educated and controlled bodylanguage with the world"

"Sustainable bodys that coop with aging "

"Safe movements and safe standing still."